Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tribute to a historic year

President Barack Hussein Obama likes to use the words "historic" and "unprecedented." 2009 was both, politically speaking.

The US economy has stumbled to lows not seen in decades. Terrorists bent on our destruction have infiltrated the homeland and our military, seemingly without penalty. Moa and a transvestite are on the White House "holiday" tree, along with an ornament featuring Mount Rushmore, with the addition of Obama's face. Members of the elite political class Obama leads have brazenly prostituted themselves in the name of healthcare, leading to tyranny and a depth of corruption perhaps never before seen in American public service. Patriots rallied multiple times throughout the USA to speak their minds, but big government just couldn't be bothered to listen.

2010 will be different. We promise.

Special thanks to @peachyjennie83 for producing and sharing this clip.

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