Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Myth of Right-Wing Hate

We think you'll enjoy this clever and very listenable tune from Kathleen Stewart:

Best comment on the original YouTube post?

Conservative: "I believe in liberty and the rule of law."

Hardcore Leftist: "Die, you f ^#&ing racist teabagger."

Have a cheery day! And remember, hate is for liberals.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama: 'Healthcare meetings WERE on C-SPAN'

With these comments, President Barack Hussein Obama earns a new title: Justifier in Chief.

Speaking to a room full of Republican lawmakers, Obama claimed most Congressional discussions about socialized medicine were broadcast on C-SPAN. Anyone paying the least attention to the process knows this is a lie.

True, some of the votes were televised. But all of the serious negotiations - the discussions that really mattered - were held in secret, behind locked doors. Only Democrats took part. There were no Republicans in the room, and no television cameras. There is not a single Republican amendment included in either the House or the Seante versions of this legislation.

Obama begins by scolding GOP Representatives and Senators:

"The truth of the matter is that, if you look at the health care process, just over the course of the year, overwhelmingly the majority of it actually was on C-SPAN because it was taking place in Congressional hearings in which you guys were participating. How many committees were that that helped to shape this bill? Countless hearings took place."
The Justifier in Chief continues:

What do you think of Obama and his promised transparency? Has he lived up to his promises?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pro-death abortionists HATE free speech - and babies

Tim Tebow is now a Heisman Tropy-winning football player, who is certain to have a great career in the National Football League. As a star athlete, he will have the great privilege of a very public platform. As an American, he still has a right to freedom of expression guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Tebow has decided to appear in a commercial advocating the pro-life position. It is scheduled to air during the 2010 Super Bowl. And surprise, surprise: the leftist pro-death forces are angry that CBS would consider airing a commercial that praises traditional family values.

Every time abortion advocates open their mouths, it seems they must include an obligatory swipe at the free speech rights of people who believe in life for unborn human babies. Watch this sharply pro-abortion-biased report from ABC News:

Anchorette Dianne Sawyer's voice is dripping with contempt as she predictably avoids the term "pro-life," and substitutes "anti-abortion." And the money quote? "This ad is hate, masquerading as love." Strong words from the unnamed baby-killing advocate, considering she hasn't actually seen the ad. She demands equal time. (And remember, this is a commercial, not a documentary.) Sounds like the baby killers are angry they didn't think to raise $2.5 million to air their own putrid views.

Want to tell CBS they're doing the right thing? Click here to sign an online petition in favor of airing the ad and asking the network to not cave to pressure from the forces of death.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Obama smarter than a sixth grader?

President Barack Hussein Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan visited with sixth grade students at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, VA, on January 19, 2010.

Obama's famous obsession with his teleprompter continued as he made remarks in the classroom. Why would Obama fear speaking off-the-cuff in a setting like this? He may have been concerned that wandering from the carefully prepared script might lead people to conclude that he is not smarter than a sixth grader.

Friday, January 15, 2010

On January 19, expect a miracle

Here's a video all Patriots will appreciate and share with their friends:

You can find out more at Unless you're with the Coakley campaign, and can't spell the state name correctly.

'Let me be clear...'

We've listened to Barack Hussein Obama give countless speeches. The only way this man could say less would be to talk more. Which may not be humanly possible.

Whenever we tweet a sarcastic, pretend Obama quote, we begin with "Let me be clear:" It's all in good fun, but we've always thought that was his trademark phrase.

CNN seems to have noticed this, too:

What's your favorite Obama refrain?

J-School state of mind

Webster's defines journalism as "the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media."

We recently ran across this clip, showing a group project performed in Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. (We use the word "journalism" very loosely, as does the University. There isn't much stated or implied here about telling people what happens. It's all about the advocacy, baby.)

Turn up the volume, and enjoy:

What do you think about the future of the US media? With "journalism" students embracing advocacy, rather than actual "journalism," will the public ever be able to get the real stoy about anything?

Pat Robertson knows Haiti history

Pat Robertson was right about Haiti.

And liberals are angry that anyone would dare to suggest that God exists, that Satan exists, or that human suffering might be caused by S-I-N. Robertson is under fire for having said this about the spiritual history of Haiti:

And it should be noted that Robertson spoke while in the midst of raising money for relief work in Haiti. He and CBN ministries have invested a good deal of esources in Haiti over the years, so he is not as lacking in credibility here as liberals might lead one to believe.

Search the net and you'll find lots of references to what Robertson describes. According to Operation World:
Evangelical Christians have increasingly and openly stood against voodooism and the Satanic dedication of the country in 1791 by the slaves plotting revolt against the French. Satan was seen to be opposed to the Christian religion of their oppressors.
Raymond Joseph, Haitian ambassador to the US, responded on MSNBC with these interesting remarks:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

So the Haitian slave revolt benefitted the United States, not Haiti. Note that Joseph does not deny that his ancestors entered into some kind of agreement with Satan. He speaks English well enough that we would have expected a plain denial, if Robertson were incorrect.

Haiti is the least prosperous country in the Western Hemisphere, materially and otherwise. Haitians have been plagued by hurricanes and other natural disasters for centuries. Their government is run by people so corrupt they make Dan Rostenkowski and Duke Cunningham blush. Infrastructure in Haiti was so sub-standard that the January 2010 earthquake destroyed just about all of it.

Although the Roman Catholic Church has been present for generations, voodoo (literally, "spirit") is the dominant religion in Haiti today. National Geographic documents this well:

In April 2003 an executive decree by then president Jean-Bertrand Aristide sanctioned voodoo as an officially recognized religion.
Voodoo priests - witch doctors - call daily on demonic powers to cast spells and wield influence in Haiti. Every Christian worker who has served there for a time will tell you that Haitians believe evil spirits have dominion over their people and territory.

Should we help? Of course! These people are suffering in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis in our lifetime. While we won't presume to offer an exhaustive list here, there are many reputable US charities through which you can help Haitians with both physical and spiritual assistance, including Samaritan's Purse.

America is fast becoming a bastion of spiritual desolation and ignorance. Don't allow religious illiterates to say there is no such thing as spiritual oppression. The God of the Bible loves Haitians just as he loves all people. Only Satan could be such a cruel master.

How have you helped Haiti?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is Harry Reid a racist, or a bigot?

'Diversity visas': Another way to destroy America

Have the Team Obama leftists running the US State Department surrendered to our enemies? Apparently so.

Fox News reports here that thousands of immigrants are being granted "diversity visas" by the Obama State Department. According to the story:
Included in the lottery are all four countries the U.S. considers state sponsors of terror -- Iran, Sudan, Cuba, and Syria -- and 13 of the 14 nations that are coming under special monitoring from the Transportation Security Administration as founts of terrorism.
It's a legal loophole big enough to drive a truck full of explosives through. And serious leaders are pointing to this as a real threat to our national security.

Which politicians champion this lunacy? You guessed it! Liberal morons like Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), who is actually working to double the number of visas offered through this insane program.

And here are the lottery "winners" for 2010. Christmas Day underpants bomber-wannabe Umar Farouk Abdulmattallab's home country of Nigeria leads the list, with 6,006 visas approved. Our good friends in Yemen, where a number of Gitmo alumni now reside, received 72. Others include:

Iran: 2,773 -- Algeria: 1,957
Sudan: 1,084 -- Afghanistan: 345
Cuba: 298 -- Somalia: 229
Lebanon: 181 -- Libya: 152
Iraq: 142 -- Saudi Arabia: 104
Syria: 98

Shouldn't EVERY visa application simply be weighed on the merits of the individual applicant?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kudos to CNN's Jack Cafferty!

We are second to none in our criticism of US media. More often than not, they are intellectually lazy and simply fail to ask hard questions of those in elected office. With some notable exceptions, they were willing accomplices and even open advocates during the 2008 election, helping to get their far-left candidate into the White House.

But we are also honest enough to speak up when someone in the media does the right thing. CNN's Jack Cafferty is calling out TeamObama and the leftist Democrat leadership in Congress regarding broken promises about transparency in government. He's exactly right: They describe healthcare talks as "informal," and that is politispeak for "secret." Watch this scathing rebuke:

Breitbart TV posted an excellent video compilation here, showing candidate Barack Hussein Obama promising eight times to televise healthcare discussions on C-SPAN. Cafferty's criticism seems right on the money.

UPDATE: CBS also mentions Obama's brazen dishonesty here.

Should our legislators work behind closed doors? Or is transparency important to the process?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Caption Contest!

What caption would you suggest for this photo of President Barack Hussein Obama and Vice President Joe Biden? Please use the comment field below to submit your entry. And give 'em your best shot.

We'll announce a winner when we see one.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians

This is such an excellent video, we won't even add a comment. Share this with your fellow patriots, and be prepared to act in 2010.

Hat tip to @KatyinIndy.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Think what we think. Or else.

This is exactly how totalitarian leftists work. It's also how things operate under Sharia law, which is what Islamist jihad intends to impose upon the entire world.

The University of Delaware residence life program was caught indoctrinating students with radical, leftist social ideas. Under the bland banner of "citizenship," program directors deployed their nefarious agenda. They employed coercive techniques in the mandatory indoctrination program. The bottom line for students: Conform your thoughts, or face the consequences.

A big clue? Students were consistently required to return all handouts and program materials. Watch this clip and be amazed at this brazen attempt by radicals to destroy everything Americans have held dear for 233 years:

A more recent example? "The science is settled. The debate about 'climate change' is over. Conform your thoughts." Of course, thanks to a yet-unidentified hacker, we now know that we were all being urged to conform to a colossal lie.

What do you think? Do contemporary Americans even understand free speech? Or is it more important that we conform to a single, monolithic - and radical - ideology?