Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kudos to CNN's Jack Cafferty!

We are second to none in our criticism of US media. More often than not, they are intellectually lazy and simply fail to ask hard questions of those in elected office. With some notable exceptions, they were willing accomplices and even open advocates during the 2008 election, helping to get their far-left candidate into the White House.

But we are also honest enough to speak up when someone in the media does the right thing. CNN's Jack Cafferty is calling out TeamObama and the leftist Democrat leadership in Congress regarding broken promises about transparency in government. He's exactly right: They describe healthcare talks as "informal," and that is politispeak for "secret." Watch this scathing rebuke:

Breitbart TV posted an excellent video compilation here, showing candidate Barack Hussein Obama promising eight times to televise healthcare discussions on C-SPAN. Cafferty's criticism seems right on the money.

UPDATE: CBS also mentions Obama's brazen dishonesty here.

Should our legislators work behind closed doors? Or is transparency important to the process?


  1. Cross-blogged at the first in news and home to IntelliFetch Search – no censorship or political agenda searching .. as good as Google .. try it!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the site, jetx!

  3. lmao, "here's hoping the voters remember some of this CRAP when the mid-term elections roll around later this year." No worries, we'll remember.

  4. Fuzzy Slippers, we expect voters will indeed remember the CRAP that IS the Obama administration and liberal Congressional idiots.

  5. Where were they when his approval rating was high? Where were they when he was running for the office and refusing to deal with Rezsco, Wright and Ayers? Too little too late. It seems they are simply "jumping on the bandwagon" because they think their abysmal ratings might improve. Don't mistake pragmatism for journalistic integrity.

  6. Right on, I trust American to remember ALL of that.