Friday, January 1, 2010

Think what we think. Or else.

This is exactly how totalitarian leftists work. It's also how things operate under Sharia law, which is what Islamist jihad intends to impose upon the entire world.

The University of Delaware residence life program was caught indoctrinating students with radical, leftist social ideas. Under the bland banner of "citizenship," program directors deployed their nefarious agenda. They employed coercive techniques in the mandatory indoctrination program. The bottom line for students: Conform your thoughts, or face the consequences.

A big clue? Students were consistently required to return all handouts and program materials. Watch this clip and be amazed at this brazen attempt by radicals to destroy everything Americans have held dear for 233 years:

A more recent example? "The science is settled. The debate about 'climate change' is over. Conform your thoughts." Of course, thanks to a yet-unidentified hacker, we now know that we were all being urged to conform to a colossal lie.

What do you think? Do contemporary Americans even understand free speech? Or is it more important that we conform to a single, monolithic - and radical - ideology?

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