Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Team Obama embraces Hitler Youth tactics

What kind of government encourage citizens to "report" things - spoken comments, writings, activities that may be in opposition to the ruler? That's a time-tested tool commonly used by dictators and oppressive, evil regimes. So in 2011, who creates a gigantic database full of tweets and blog posts, purely because they don't like the content? Communist China? Cuba? Putin's Russia? No, think again.

During Adolf Hitler's rule in WWII-era Germany, members of the Hitler Youth were encouraged to report any "unpatriotic" comments or activity they saw or heard from others, including their own parents.

Barack Hussein Obama's not-so-brilliant re-election effort is being led by people who embrace these National Socialist tactics: If someone says or publishes anything critical of the President, we are encouraged to "report them." Organizing for America, AKA Obama for America, has just debuted a web site that encourages and facilitates one citizen snooping on another. AttackWatch.com is a portal into pure facism.

Sound a little Orwellian? It certainly isn't American. These people clearly believe they should have total control over what you do, say, and think.

It wasn't long ago when Obama's minions were encouraging Americans to report "fishy" ideas, speech, and activity directly to a White House email account, flag@whitehouse.gov. It disappeared almost as soon as it became general public knowledge that Obama was attempting to collect such information. We hope this cynical, free-speech-squelching, idiotic idea dies a quick death, too.

But it tells you a lot about who these people are, doesn't it? Every moment that Obama and his liberty-hating crew are in power increases the danger to our Republic.


  1. There's a scene in the movie 'Swing Kids' where a child turns in his father, who had spoken against the government. He was excited, even proud -- he could not conceive that he had been fooled into doing evil for Evil.

    The government had used the same tactics to recruit that gangs have used for hundreds of years -- convince strays that no one cares about the (even their own families) more than the group. Convince them that their families do not care about them -- even hate them -- while the group considers them to be valuable, heroic, worthy.

  2. Sunstein is a strong believer in this type of tactic to keep "facts" straight and help people maintain their "faith" in government - I'm not kidding, that's what the fascist says.

  3. Again?? Really? (Rolls eyes)

  4. MacBigot, that is exactly how it works. And Anonymous, Cass Sunstein is one of the most dangerous people in the Obama Regime. He is a one-man totalitarian nightmare-in-waiting.

  5. I remember that "flag" email account; I wrote to it reporting myself.
    It's been nice knowing y'all. I don't get AttackWatch. There is a strong anti-"narc" culture in America. How could the creators of AW not KNOW that? They'll attract only crazies and mockers. The attackwatch Twitter account is already an object of scorn there.

  6. Limbaugh is truly a fascist - Republicans are always trying to steer fascism away from themselves by accusing others of what their ideology & agenda has always been.

    One of the oldest trick in the book...accuse your opponent/enemy of exactly what you propagate, believe, ideology, philosophy, agenda, etc...

    And Limbaugh & the republicans are corporate fascist, now using their brown shirts and storm troopers tactics....So Limbaugh points the finger away from himself & the republicans by accusing Obama & the Dems of being exactly what he & the republican are, and what exactly what the republicans are doing.

    Because it's so clear republicans do not want to be labeled what they are...Which is exactly what they are - corporate Nazis fascist - So accuse Obama & the democrats of being what the republicans are to take the focus of fascism away from the republicans.

    Republican ideology and fascism are both the right of the political spectrum...their ideologies and agenda are nearly identical.

    So it's very easy to see what Limbaugh is doing....he wants the fascist Nazi republicans disassociated from Nazism so he accuses his enemies (Obama & the Democrats) of being what most people hate....Fascist & Nazis!

    But we ALL know what the lying filthy pigman Limbaugh is attemting to do!

    This isn't changing the subject, by the way.

  7. banshee, you're correct. The AttackWatch Twitter account and hashtag are being completely ridiculed.

    Anonymous, your ignorance is apalling. We post a screen shot from the Attack Watch website itself - a creaion of Team Obama - and all you can do is bleat talking points about a talk show host? You're a pathetic excuse for a political commentator.