Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shorter Obama: 'Pass my non-existent bill. Now."

President Barack Hussein Obama cajoled Congress into assembling for a joint session on September 8, and then subjected them to a campaign lecture.

Desperate to have Americans think he can something about the stagnant US economy, Obama and his minions pretended that he worked on an actual plan to create jobs during his swanky Martha's Vineyard vacation. But sane people know that government doesn't create any jobs - it just spends money. Money that Obama eagerly borrows from communist China.

During his stump speech, he pointed his finger repeatedly at members of Congress, and insisted that they pass his "jobs bill" immediately:

Only trouble is, no such jobs bill exists.

Ever the lazy community organizer, Obama did the same thing with ObamaCare and the recent so-called debt ceiling crisis, berating Congress to pass legislation, but leaving them with the bothersome task of writing it. An important clarification: Congressional staffers, lobbyists, and convicted felons actually authored the ObamaCare language, and Congressional Democrats passed the bill without ever bothering to read it.

Like everything else Obama has done as President, his non-existent "jobs bill" idea is another spread-the-wealth-around, big-government spending scheme. And like everything else Obama has done, it should be soundly rejected.

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