Saturday, September 3, 2011

Has Orwell's 1984 technology finally arrived?

Maybe George Orwell had it all correct in 1984. He just got the year wrong:

Is "Big Brother" technology really heading toward Orwell's creepy prediction? CBN News offers this report on the especially erie term "body chipping":

A Future of Body Chipping?
Some government programs and cities are making this RFID “chipping” mandatory. And it’s now becoming more acceptable to use biometrics and RFIDs on people.
Supporters say this chipping could help track lost or kidnapped children, or Alzheimer's patients who wander off. But they can also be used to control a person’s actions.
One Florida school is requiring students to have their biometrics checked before they get food from the cafeteria. And a Miami university hospital has embedded microchips to track whether medical workers are washing their hands.
This chipping may seem strange now, but Ostrolenk suggested it'll become commonplace as it spreads.
“So the next generation arises and says, 'Well, that's kind of normal. Of course you need a device to keep track of you to make sure you don't get kidnapped or lost or into trouble,’” he said.
How about you? Are you willing to have an RFID chip implanted under your skin when someone tells you it's for your own good?


  1. Hell NO. This is way too far in the name of "safety"...who is protecting us from these control freaks? Just say No.

  2. Correct, Anonymous. This has nothing to do with safety. It is ALL about controlling people. Frightening stuff, no?

  3. I do believe there was a book published earlier than Orwell's 1984 that had all this info down first: The Bible. There's no way I'd get chipped. Part of living in a free country is having the freedom to not have every step tracked and traced.