Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama releases long-form birth certificate - or does he?

President Barack Hussein Obama II released his long-form birth certificate today. Or so he said.

Ironically, Obama himself has said that the birth certificate and eligibility issue has been a "distraction." He claims it has kept him from much more important deliberations, like solving the $1.4 trillion budget deficit and $14.5 trillion debt, for which he is primarily responsible.

There will be much debate in the coming days over the authenticity of this document. We are not document experts. But we have used Adobe Illustrator enough to understand that this YouTube video seriously undermines the legitimacy of Obama's latest release:

The birth certificate posted by the White House is in Adobe Portable Document Format, commonly referred to as a PDF. When opened in Illustrator, the "official" birth certificate is clearly a multi-layer document. When scanning a document and saving as a PDF, this is NOT normal.

Sadly, Obama seems only to have stoked the fires of controversy surrounding the circumstances of his birth. Regardless of how this is resolved, we contend that Obama has proven himself unworthy of serving as President.

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