Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aren't we all proud?

Updated April 25, 2011

WARNING: The video linked in this post contains extreme violence.

A very disturbing video of an assault that took place April 18 in a Baltimore-area McDonald's restaurant has gone viral. Normal people who watch the video in horror feel our pulses quicken and outrage building.

Police eventually arrested a 14 year-old girl (charged as a juvenile) and an 18 year-old woman. And of course it's a "hate crime." Only bitter, angry, hate-filled people could lash out so violently. Prosecutors are "looking into" the possibiity of charging both suspects with that as well.

McDonald's has fired the employee who chose to use his mobile phone to video the crime, rather than call police. But other employees can be seen in the video, watching - and actually laughing - as the beating takes place. One makes a half-hearted attempt to stop the violence, as does another patron. But those who stood by should be charged as accessories to the crime.

Subsequent reports have revealed that the victim is a transgendered person or a transvestite. We do not support the idea of a transgender or transvestite "lifestyle." But some are now actually saying the victim invited a beating, by attempting to use a women's restroom. It doesn't matter what motivated these criminals to attack this person so viciously.

It doesn't matter who the victim was, or what their "lifestyle" is. There is absolutely NO excuse for violence of this kind, except self-defense. Since that doesn't seem to be the case here, we urge prosecutors to seek the maximum penalty under the law for both of the perpetrators. Animals who look like human beings, but behave in this manner, must be kept locked away from the rest of us, for our own safety.

It is interesting to note that most media accounts of the incident did not report any description of the attackers, despite the fact that no arrests had been made when the story broke. Apparently, our progressive media are too afraid to report that two black women were the suspects, for fear of being branded racists by the Al Sharpton crowd.

The official Baltimore police report can be found here. And for the truly curious, police have released Teonna Monae Brown's mug shot.

Aren't we all proud of how our society is breeding this kind of undisciplined, out-of-control, dangerous criminal?

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