Saturday, April 30, 2011

2012: Obama has convinced us

We are not members of the Republican Party - local, state, or national (although we have been, in the past). Nor do we financially support the various national Republican organizations. We decided long ago to support only individual candidates, since the national organizations have a disappointing habit of supporting liberal candidates.

In 2008, we cast our ballot for Sarah Palin, despite the fact the John McCain was the Presidential candidate. Since then, we have consistently said we would never again vote for a liberal GOP candidate like McCain.

But the longer we watch the Marxist reign of Barack Hussein Obama II, the more we realize that the 2012 Presidential election may be unique. We are beginning to believe that the next national election will decide whether or not the United States of America remains a Constitutional Republic.

We do not want our America to melt into the murky darkness, as so many declining nation-states have done, and are doing. We'd prefer to see elected officials who are citizen-servants, rather than elitist political-class rulers. We'd rather see a limited Federal government, which our Founders envisioned. We'd like to see many Federal departments and programs curtailed or abolished. We'd rejoice over a balanced budget, reduced debt, and relaxed regulation. Obama and his minions seem to hold the polar opposite view.

During what surely will be a rigorous Republican Presidential primary campaign, we will support Constitutional conservatives. We will politely and respectfully point out the policy deficiencies of liberal Republicans, sometimes referred to as "RINOs" (Republican In Name Only). And you can count on us to continually deride the progressive, anti-American policies of the Obama Regime.

But in November 2012, we will vote for the victorious GOP candidate, whoever that is, because we are convinced that this nation cannot survive a second Obama term.

Special thanks to @jjmnolte for inspiring these thoughts.


  1. I really believe that whoever the republican nominee is - he/she will win. This is why we must select carefully and in the end choose a person who will comply with our demands that our Constitution and republic be restored... This is our election to lose, let's pray to God we don't screw it up!

  2. I am a STRONG republican and also a follower of the principals of the Tea Party and the 912 Project. I am a Christian and have been married to the same wife for 36 years. I believe in liberty and family and small government. I would vote for ANY republican over Obama, with one exception. After watching the Iowa debates this week I am thoroughly convinced that Ron Paul is a lunatic. As much as I would hate to do it, I would either not vote at all or vote for a democrat rather than vote for this fool.

  3. And I for one cannot envision him winning the primary.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Anonymous and wheatex. Ron Paul sounds solidly conservative on about 85% of what he says. Then there's the 15% of his comments that just sound... whacky.

  5. What *is* w/ Ron Paul? I listen to him & say "right on". Then, aluvasudden, he says something totally bizarre & I'm left w/ "huh?"

  6. He keeps talking about "liquidating your debt"... that makes no sense at all. Liquidating = selling. We already do sell our debt and that is how the communist Chinese came to own over a trillion dollars of our debt. When he talks about his foreign policy and especially Iran, that is when the lunatic steps in and I turn him off. His policies would be the end of America.

    One of my favorite sayings is that if you cant dazzle people with your brilliance, dazzle them with your bulls$it. I am afraid he has a lot of people baffled.

  7. To Ron Paul doubters.
    1. when the liquidation talks start, understand what will happen when we link our currency to gold once again. research it.
    2. once you stop being scared of your shadow, you will understand the secret behind the DRUG issue. if drugs are legal people will either maintain the use of common sense and it will be a HUGE business or they will DIE which is better for population.
    3. Ron Paul supports the CIA heavily. i mean we dont really think that US spies didnt win the cold war. CIA agents not armies win wars.

    my view
    If you dont think the Big Gov should die anyway then you are in the system and you will never be free of it

  8. To try to address the confusion of the anonymouses above:

    I've been stuck in the "huh" stage, and I feel your confusion and frustration with Ron Paul's message. It just took me a little education on Austrian economics to help get me on his page when it comes to our economic woes. If I can clearly articulate my limited knowledge of this subject to you, I think it will help you grasp the message that lies within some of Ron Paul's eccentricities. If you feel so inclined, please read on.

    Basically, I think what he's saying when he says "liquidate debt" is to let the banks that brought on bad loans fail, and sell their assets to pay of what we can of their amazing blunder. The problem is that the bubble is so large and has been protracted for so long. The Federal Reserve created the cycle of bubbles in the first place by inflating the money supply and manipulating interest rates.

    Econ 101: Low interest rates encourage investors to spend their money in the short term, since they won't make much interest in the long term. High interest rates encourage long-term investment and slower consumption because there's more money to be gained in the long-haul.

    When the Fed keeps interest rates artificially low, the market reacts as if there's more demand for short-term goods than there really is. So the producers run off producing at a rapid rate to supply the 'high demand' until they reach the top of the production boom. At this point, the market realizes there's not really enough demand to buy up all the supply, and that's when we have the bust/recession.

    As the opposing philosophy would have it, this is where we inject money to keep the sinking ship afloat (bailouts, TARP, QE1, QE2, etc). However, as is the case with any big government venture, intervention leads to miscalculations, bureaucracy and inefficiency. If the Fed were to leave the free market alone to set interest rates, it would much more accurately and efficiently set the rate where supply and demand are in balance.

    Look at the depression of 1920-21 for example. It was painful, but short, as the market quickly determined how to reallocate those malinvested resources, turning it right around into the decade known as the roaring twenties.

    I apologize if this seems way too simplified, but hopefully it'll help someone out there understand the free market philosophy a bit better. I don't know how anyone could cram this amount of information into a debate-length soundbite so I understand why Dr. Paul talks too fast and gets too animated at times. He's trying to explain economics to the national audience in 30 to 60 seconds!

    If you'd care to, please post the "other 15%" of his platform that leaves you in the dark and I'll see if I can't shed some light on the issues. I take the time because I truly feel that the principles and ideas that he holds so concrete are truly the vision of peace and prosperity that the founders hoped for this country.

    If you really demand that the Constitution and Republic be restored as I do, I hope you'll demand Ron Paul as your president in 2012. Like you said, we can't wait any longer. As well-intentioned as they may be, these other candidates are just now starting to talk about this stuff while Dr. Paul has been harping on it for 30 years! At this point, it's too late for us to wait for them. We need the teacher not the student. This patient is going to die and we need an experienced doctor in the white house, not an intern. That's one of the reasons why I'll be voting for Ron Paul in 2012.

    Thanks for reading,


  9. Difference in Romney and Obama; Obama signed a PRO-gun-carry law (National Parks) Romney signed/supports bans

    Romney's other problem is his track record for being against the Constitution

    Romney's other problem is his track record for being a Liberal

    Romney's other problem is he supports murdering 600,000 females with abortion

    Romney's other problem his RomneyCare was More restrictive than ObamaCare (no opt out)

    I'll vote for ANY GOP nominee EXCEPT ROMNEY

    I am not alone.

  10. Pick up one of Ron Pauls books. I'd suggest The Revolution a Manifesto to start. His policies do not lend themselves to 30 second soundbites.

    Liquidation of bad debt means that you have to write off debt that is on your books, but is not recoverable. Generally bankruptcy is how it is done. You have to clear bad debt and not have it on your balance sheets in order to see where your company really stands financially, instead we tried to pump more money into the system to keep bad businesses afloat and put all the debt onto the federal reserve and the people.

    Paul's positions are more complicated than the other candidates. You'll have to check out his books or go into the various Paul forums and ask questions if you are really curious to what he means. Sometimes things he says can go over your head unless you understand what he is talking about already.

    Good luck finding someone you can support.

  11. If you research Ron Paul you'll be voting for him. By talking him down & calling him names you're doing the very thing you condemn moments before! You've obviously been intelligent enough to give up the confining label & vote for the man not the party but until you see the wisdom of tuning out Main Stream Media & researching the person YOURSELF then you definately have more you need to learn.