Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN and child prostitution

Is there anything more despicable than child abuse? Two ACORN staffers aren't even casually interested in blatant criminal abuses openly discussed by two people coming to them for advice about how to cheat, lie and steal. In fact, they willingly aid and abet people who appear to be horrendous criminals.

Watch these two undercover videos, filmed at ACORN offices in Baltimore, Maryland. Astonishingly, these ACORN staffers seem completely at ease with a number of criminal behaviors, including:
  • sex trafficking involving minors
  • prostitution
  • child prostitution
  • money laundering to avoid income taxes
  • illegal immigration
  • defrauding the Federal government
  • lying to the Internal Revenue Service

UPDATE: The two ACORN employees filmed have reportedly been fired. But how widespread is this shocking behavior within ACORN? How long will it take authorities to conduct a thorough investigation?


  1. So what's the odds that the justice department will investigate ACORN? Any chance someone will sue citing the RICO act?

  2. The odds would seem to increase as citizens discuss this in the light of day. The state-run media won't, but we CAN apply pressure. Send this to your Senators and Congressional Rep. Demand (politley) that they investigate.