Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's Say Thanks!

How easy is this?

With the help of many partners, Xerox is supporting a wonderful web site that every American patriot should make "liberal" use of! It's called Let's Say Thanks, and makes it simple for us to thank our troops.

The site features lots of patrotic images created by school students across the United States. Sponsors underwrite all of the costs to send a personalized postcard to a soldier, sailor, airman or marine overseas.

Choose a card design, personalize your message of gratitude and hit "send." That's how easy it is.


  1. Awesome! I'm clicking through now...

  2. you and all those on the right that are so patriotic, with your sedition to this country, why dont you go down to your local recruiting office, and join, now that is how you support the troops, and if you are too old, send your son or daughter to fight, I took an Oath to defend this country no matter who is Pres. and this is what I will do, against enemies, Foreign or DOMESTIC. so be a patriot,ENLIST

  3. Thanks, Susan! We try to send at least one card every day!

  4. Nina: sedition to our country? That doesn't make any sense. But it sunds like you don't appreciate a conservative point of view.

    Not every citizen can enlist. The whole point of this web site is to encourage those brave men andwomen who DO.

  5. I thank and honor our troops around the world for protecting freedom and democracy so many of us take for granted. God Bless our troops and their families for all they do and the ultimate sacrifices they make each and every day.