Friday, November 4, 2011

Progressive occupier uses children as a human shield

We're not sure where this disturbing clip was filmed, but it looks to be video of a mother with children taking part in the "occupy" protests at the Washington, DC Convention Center:

Note: If the embedded video doesn't play in your browser, you can watch the original clip here.

MRCTV, a division of the Media Research Center, has an excellent follow-up video here. The "parents" are asked why they would put their children in harm's way. You have to watch it to believe their answer:

How irresponsible must a person be to bring children into an environment where tear gas might be used to quell a violent crowd, people defecate in public and on police cars, drug abuse is rampant, and rapes are not uncommon?

We hope child protective services pays a call on this "parent."


  1. tiltedquill, thanks for commenting. The first video hasn't been censored. It works fine when you view it on YouTube, but the embedding isn't working (perhaps because there's just too much traffic).