Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry's latest controversy: drunk or sober?

Some watched and listened to Gov. Rick Perry's recent speech in New Hampshire and speculated that perhaps the Republican Presidential hopeful was drunk.

During his October 28, 2011 presentation at the Cornerstone annual awards and fundraising dinner, Perry re-asserted his conservative credentials and offered details about his flat tax proposal.

We watched the entire speech, and we're not quite sure why anyone would conclude the governor had imbibed too much before speaking. Perhaps the governor's critics aren't familiar with the cadence or speech patterns of Texans or southerners?

The audio is a little soft, but here's the full, 25-minute speech Perry delivered before a Manchester, New Hampshire audience:


  1. Criticism from the left is prima facia lies, exaggerations, and commie farts. They do this to waste our time and throw us off message. I pay them no mind. Give me one reason why I should.

  2. andilinks, you shouldn't. We only posted this because we thought it actually was a good, substantive speech on tax policy - specifically, Perry's flat tax proposal.

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