Thursday, October 13, 2011

Know your agitators: Meet Lisa Fithian

Like Barack Obama, Lisa Fithian
is a "community organizer."
Updated 14 October 2011

Have you heard the name Lisa Fithian? Odds are you haven't. Yet.

But watch and listen for her name in the coming days. Fithian is a leading "community organizer" among every anti-American group you can imagine. Wherever she appears, chaos, arrests, and often violence, follow. "I create crisis," she says proudly.

In the 1970s, she worked with the infamous Abbie Hoffman. Fithian has connections with many major labor unions, and has played a prominent role in the Global Justice Movement - meaning she travels the world to organize protests at meetings of the World Trade Organization, among others. Although the account hasn't tweeted since March 2009, Fithian was involved with "Capitol Climate," which boasts of being social media representing "the largest mass civil disobedience for the climate in U.S. history." (H/T @TRUTHENFORCER) She was the terrorist behind Cindy Sheehan. You can even "like" her Facebook page, provided you actually like anarchists.

Fithian tells you all about herself here, sort of like a public service announcement for anarchy:

Andrew Breitbart spoke recently about emails he and others have uncovered that amount to a "Journo-list" of anarchists, who speak openly of their efforts to organize the "occupy" protests with the aim of destabilizing the United States government:

"I have no issue with property destruction." ~Lisa Fithian
The email archive to which Breitbart refers is linked from this post at

So far, the "occupy movement" has amounted to little more than a predictably laughable socialist sleepover. But if deeply committed, anti-American anarchists like Fithian begin to pull the strings, these mostly-peaceful gatherings could turn violent very quickly.


  1. yup.. this movement of idiots is about to be unveiled and wiped out... and it will hurt Obama a lot since he's aligned himself with it...

  2. Thanks for commenting, soopermexican. Yes, Obama has made a huge mistake by openly (okay, he tried to do it secretly) supporting this anti-American rabble. Let's hope the majority of Americans wake up and see him for the "community organizer" he really is.

  3. .... Obama has made a huge mistake by openly (okay, he tried to do it secretly) supporting this anti-American rabble ....

    Are you kidding? From its first conception in some Bill-Ayres-like terrorist's living room, the top-down-astroturf terroristic OWS has worn Soros/Obama/ACORN (by any other name's) imprimatur -- and has been directed from Chicago by the un-and-anti-American Soros/Ayres/Axelrod/Obama Machine.

    Brian Richard Allen
    Lost Angels - Califobamacated 90028
    And The Very far Abroad

  4. Im concerned about violence it seems to me everyone that has infiltrated our country is trying to chip away at our society