Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jesse Jackson, Jr. needs remedial Constitutional lessons

It appears that Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is in need of remedial Constitution lessons. In the clip below, Jackson actually suggests that President Barack Hussein Obama should act as a dictator, and simply ignore our Constitution, the Congress and the courts.

Jackson's econonomically-illiterate theories are interesting, to say the least: The Federal government should just bail out every broke state. And every broke city. Right now. Jackson somehow thinks this will magically end overspending problems in fiscally irresponsible states and municipalities?

Then, the ever-magnanimous Federal government should hire every unemployed person (he doesn't specify, but we assume this includes illegal aliens) at $40,000 a year, putting them to work cleaning up trash by the side of the road. These working people will all pay taxes. Which the government will use to pay people. Except we know that nearly half of American's do not pay Federal income tax. And these boondoggle "employees" would surely fall in that group.

Just one problem with all this brilliant thinking: The Federal government does not have the $1+ trillion Jackson wants to use in the first place.

Oh, and one more thing. Thankfully, our Constitution does not give our President or any Federal agency anything like the powers Jackson would rely on to create his communist utopia.

So, to sum up Jackson's positions on the economy and unemployment:
  1. Congress (meaning the Republican-controlled House) is trying to seceed from the union. That's bad.
  2. Everyone should be hired by the Federal government. That would be great.
  3. President Obama should borrow more than $1 trillion from communist China and spread it around. That would be prudent.
  4. Obama should declare a national state of emergency and suspend the Constitution, just for awhile. That would be bold leadership.
  5. Obama's "jobs bill" should spend 20 times more than it proposes to redistribute now. That would be sweet revenge.
Maybe Jackson would benefit from having lunch with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for a little Constitution 101 networking.


  1. Jesse Jackson Jr. has violated his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and should be removed IMMEDIATELY from office.

  2. Anonymous, that's a valid point. But none of his Chicago constituents seem to care about that. Thanks for commenting.

  3. A congressman calls for suspending the Constitution , one asks her constituents for permission to criticize a President whose administration's policies are decimating our economy, another sticks into an important Energy bill, a provision to ban the Incandescent Light Bulb.

    It is evident these people either do not understand they were elected to represent their constituent needs or are working against the best interests of the people who they are sworn to represent.