Friday, August 5, 2011

President Obama works constantly on jobs, killing them by the millions

President Obama has consistently claimed since being inaugurated that he works constantly on jobs. Or that he's about to "pivot" to working on jobs.

That leads us to conclude that he must be working to destroy jobs, because that is the only result so far. More than two years into his administration, millions of Americans are out of work.

Our official unemployment rate still hovers near 10%, with many claiming the real number is closer to 20%. Our national debt is soaring, the Federal government is growing exponentially, businesses say they aren't hiring. Obama policies have stifled economic growth at every opportunity.

We realize it's tough to listen to our Prevaricator in Chief, but, if you can stand it, here it is in his own words, and in the words of his minions:

Deja Vu?

Hat tip to our friend Prudence Paine. You can follow @PruPaine on Twitter.

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