Tuesday, August 16, 2011

President Downgrade: All talk, no listen

USA Today reports that several members of the teaparty movement confronted President Obama after an Iowa town hall meeting. One man, identified as Ryan Rhodes, can be heard in the clip below asking the President why people in his administration call teaparty activists "terrorists." (Rhodes is founder of the Iowa Teaparty.)

Predictably, the Campaigner in Chief deflects the question, saying, "You don't want to listen." Consistent, for an out-of-touch man who hasn't ever listened to a conservative opinion about anything. It's a little surprising he didn't offer Mr. Rhodes a seat in the back on one of his new $1.1 million stealth campaign buses.

And then Obama actually says, (or perhaps has the audacity to say?) "Timothy McVeigh."

Americans are weary of this socialist in perpetual campaign mode. His regime kapos constantly label patriotic, ordinary Americans as the enemy. It is, in fact, Obama and other progressives who detest the US Constitution, and really do view citizen gun owners as a serious threat to their big-government, authoritarian reign.

As a people, let's covenant together to remove their authority over us during the 2012 elections, shall we?


  1. "Americans are weary of this socialist in perpetual campaign mode." - Worse! He is a Marxist! And he has definitely been campaigning for the past 5 years.

  2. Thanks for the comment, nydivide. Socialist... Marxist... statist... they all mean the same thing: opposed to our Republic's founding principles.