Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner is on the run

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) tried - rather unsuccessfully - to duck and weave away from his lewd photo posting before members of the media today. Fortunately, CNN's Dana Bash, Ted Barrett, and others relentlessly pursued answers from the Congressman, who steadfastly refused to answer any of the very relevant and reasonable questions put to him:

Has the countdown to Weiner's resignation begun?


  1. Of course this guy was negligent with confidential information, and his denials to the contrary show the characteristics of what makes the typical American politician of today: obfuscating, self-righteous and attacking others for their own inadequacy. Instead of coming out and clearing up the matter, he makes claims that others manipulated the photo, describing it as an "hoax" and "prank" yet refusing to get the police involved for hacking into his personal files and disseminating pornographic material. If this is his cavalier attitude towards material he is expected to be entrusted with on his watch, how can he be trusted to maintain his community's security? The latest news that Weiner had been following a young woman on Twitter who didn't even know him adds a special spin to this sordid tale.

  2. Rep. Weiner exposed a shortcoming
    By proudly displaying his plumbing
    But, sadly, his "staff"
    Got only a laugh
    And Pelosi's now totally bumming.