Sunday, May 22, 2011

Herman Cain talks Presidential bid

In case you missed Herman Cain's appearance with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday:

What do you think? Is Cain a serious candidate for the Republican nomination?


  1. I think Cain could not only be a serious candidate, I think he could easily defeat Pres. Obama. AND repair America's dismal economy & foreign policy. But only if Republicans have the intestinal fortitude to take a chance on a proven leader without previous political experience. Voting for politicians has been the prevailing logic for the past 50 years and we can see how well that's done for us.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Full Metal Patriot. Yes, electing career politicians has been a complete disaster for America. Regardless of party, there are only a handful in Congress we'd like to see ever re-elected, and we would be just as happy to see tham ALL go.

  3. Cain talks a good talk. But so did Obama. He made big promises and turned out to be nothing more that a wolf in sheep's clothing. What makes people so sure that Cain is not another smooth talker?

    I understand the dissatisfaction with career politicians who are in it for themselves, but at least with them you can do your research & see how they have performed for the people. With a newcomer you have no past political history of decision making & leadership to refer to. That is fine for a lower political office, but for the President you need to have a resume of work that you have done in the field.

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