Monday, February 15, 2010

Pamela Gellar interviews LTC Allen West

Perhaps you've already seen this powerful video clip of Congressional candidate LtC Allen West. (He's running in Florida's 22nd District.)

Whether or not you have, you should take 10 minutes to watch this terrific interview, conducted by Pamela Gellar:

You can follow both of these patriots on Twitter - @AllenWest2010 and @atlasshrugs.


  1. This man has the right stuff to lead this nation. MOST IMPORTANTLY, he knows the face of our enemy and how to combat them. This is just a small snippet. To see the true character of Allen West shining through. Please take the time to listen to his brilliant comments on Obama's foreign policy (or lack thereof) here:

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  3. Patriot, we couldn't agree more. Thanks for the comment!