Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are the Green Police coming for you?

Here's a disturbing commercial, produced for the Super Bowl by automobile manufacturer Audi:

This would have been funny, had it been a commercial for a coal mine or maybe a natural gas-fired furnace. But it seems to say, "We're pro-environment, AND pro-tyranny. Better be green like us, or we'll harrass and even arrest you. And we're not kidding."

The "green police" may be closer to reality than you think. Already there are municipalities, including Washington, DC, where use of plastic grocery bags incurs a surtax. San Francisco now mandates composting; you will pay a fine if you don't do it. Have your car tires inflated properly, or pay a fine (in California, of course). Mandatory recycling programs. The list of environment-motivated restrictions on our freedom is long, and growing.

Real Americans are not pro-dirty water. We don't like pollution. Real conservatives would rather recycle than throw things away needlessly. We love a clean environment, too. But those of us who still value liberty and freedom are wary because radical environmentalists appear to embrace the "green police" concept.

Question: How much should the government intrude into our personal life to police products we purchase and use?


  1. I had the same reaction to the ad. It was disturbing, but not funny. Example of Ayn Rand's collectivism warnings realized.

  2. Great observation, Glenn. Thanks for your comment.

  3. First of all, to answer your question: None. I reject any EPA intrusion in my life. Second, when the Tim Tebow ad was going to air the left said the Super Bowl is no place for politics. I paprphrase, but the gist of the argument was that. But this was ok? "Going Green" is political, but once again an example of the one way street that is tolerence.


  4. Are they a car company or prophets?

  5. Fullboarliberty: You are correct. This "advertisement" is ALL about politics.