Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sad, clueless leftist declares 'end of America as we know it'

It would be amusing to watch ignorant leftists cry about Gov. Scott Walker's victory in the recent Wisconsin recall election, if it weren't so pathetic:

Allow us to point out a few key truths about "America as we know it," which this young man's unionized teachers apparently overlooked during his school years:
  • Our Founders, in writing the United States Constitution, actually created a representative republic. Our national government is not, and never has been, a democracy.
  • Thomas Jefferson famously expressed his disdain for democracy: "Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49."
  • The 17th Amendment discarded the Founders' wisdom of having state legislatures elect US Senators, in favor of direct elections. This has proven to be an unwise step toward democracy.
  • The United States, as most Americans know it, is not a statist society where the government knows best and controls all. A better example of this would be the USSR - a fine example of how socialism and communism always fail. The United States, by contrast, is a place where liberty and freedom exist, including rights to free speech, association, and religion. Or at least they did, before Barack Hussein Obama became President.
  • The Federal government is actually prohibited by our founding documents from encroaching upon our God-given rights. The 10th Amendment clearly prohibits the Federal government from doing about 95% of what it is involved in today.
We could go on. But until uneducated, easily-misled citizens grasp the truth about the nature of this "grand experiment" called the United States of America, they will continue to cry in the streets, desperate for their imagined utopia.

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