Monday, May 28, 2012

Krugman - Lie to Americans so government can spend more

Paul Krugman epitomizes leftist "thought" in America today. And he's rewarded for his mindless "thinking" with a job as professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University, and by having a New York Times column that only brain-dead liberals actually read. Inexplicably, Krugman was the 2008 Nobel Prize for economic sciences.

Watch as nerdy, socially-awkward Krugman delivers his honestly dishonest remarks on Bill Maher's televised leftist hate forum:

Like most con men and liars, Krugman speaks very quickly. Just in case you don't catch all of his words, here is what he says:
This is hard to get people to do, much better, obviously, to build bridges and roads and healthcare clinics and schools. But my proposed, I actually have a serious proposal which is that we have to get a bunch of scientists to tell us that we're facing a threatened alien invasion, and in order to be prepared for that alien invasion we have to do things like build high-speed rail. And then, once we've recovered, we can say, 'Look, there were no aliens.'
But look, I mean, whatever it takes, because right now we need somebody to spend, and that somebody has to be the U.S. government.
So a Nobel laureate economist makes a "serious proposal" that some unnamed group of presumedly-real scientists intentionlly lie to the American people about something as absurd as an alien invasion? And this for the purpose of stealing more of their money to funnel through the Federal government, and then redistribute, ostensibly via another fraud-packed "stimulus"? This scheme is deserving of all the ridicule informed citizens can heap upon Krugman and anyone who supports his dishonest lunacy.

Oh, wait. Global-warmists are already using Krugman's suggested tactic: Lie about some impending disaster in order to get the Federal government to spend more of your money.

Also, super-brainy economist Krugman has apparently never seen this.

Note Krugman's predictable "ends justifies the means" approach. "Whatever it takes." This is how leftist tyrants think: "Whatever it takes" to fool or force you into doing their bidding. Why? Because they're a lot smarter than you, and they firmly believe that they have the right - even the moral obligation - to tell you what to do.

We disagree.

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