Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Press Secretary Carney admits Obama has no deficit, debt plan

Imagine telling your college instructor that instead of turning in an actual written-on-paper term paper (in which you highlight research results, discuss and debate issues, state conclusions, and perhaps even advocate action), you prefer to just give a speech and "outline your ideas." You would fail the class, just as President Obama has failed the nation.

White House press secretary Jay Carney spends nine minutes here pretending that the President has an actual written-on-paper plan to reduce the annual budget deficit and, ultimately, our national debt. But, oops! He eventually admits that Obama has no actual written plan at all:

With all those zeros, Federal budget, deficit, and debt numbers can be confusing, so we posted a simplified explanation of the problem. We hope that Obama and his team of Keystone Cops will stop dissembling, misdirecting, misleading, and obfuscating on these critically important issues. Sadly, we aren't optimistic about that.

We long for political leaders who will just be honest with us, tell us their ideas, debate those ideas openly with those who disagree, and, when all is said and done, just lead.

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