Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obama cedes part of Arizona to Mexico

The reconquista has begun. And it's being encouraged and enabled by the Obama Regime's weakness and inaction.

Arizona recently passed a law to protect US citizens from the devastating flood of illegal aliens and illegal alien criminals overwhelming their state. The Obama Regime's reaction? Sue the State of Arizona into submission. We still don't know whether or not President Obama, Attorney General Holder or Department of Homeland Security Secretary Napalitano - all critics of the law - have even read the legislation they detest so strongly.

And now the Federal government has actually closed a large area of land in Arizona to Americans. Why? Because there are too many dangerous, heavily-armed illegal aliens occupying the area. It would be ridiculous if it weren't an early warning sign of the disintegration of the United States of America.

What's your take? Is there anything the US Federal Government can or should do about the border chaos? And what about the State of Arizona? Is there a role for the state to play?


  1. The many States banded together & formed the United States federal government mainly in order to provide for the common defense against invasion by a foreign power. We have an invasion by a foreign power, Mexico ( As well as by Al Quida and other radical Islamists. )

    If the U S Federal Govt wont defend AZ, then AZ should succeed and defend herself.

  2. Anonymous, that is exactly what Arizona state leaders are saying: "We're only doing what the Federal law says, and only because the Federal government won't do it."

  3. Read Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution. Feds have an obligaiton to protect AZ from invasion. And an invasion is exactly what this seems to be. Obama seems more and more like he's against us every day. Sad.

  4. The Obamanation can't give away what isn't his to give