Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let's hold the media accountable

Conservatives and patriots from across the United States gathered in the nation's capitol on March 10, 2010 to express their displeasure with President Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress.

Why? According to liberals, it's solely because conservatives are racists. But the truth is that many Americans are deeply concerned about our skyrocketing national debt and angry with Democrats using procedural trickery to make an unConstitutional takeover of the entire healthcare industry the law of the land.

Undetered by reality, the sycophant liberal media continues to repeat the lies about incidents of racism that allegedly took place at this protest. Despite hundreds - perhaps thousands - of video recording devices running throughout the event and a $10,000 reward offered for a clip that includes a single racial epithet, not a single one has turned up.

Watch this, and share with your friends. Let's not let the liberal media continue their lies in support of socialism and statism.

How will you hold the media accountable?

Hat tip to @usalfalfa5150


  1. Overwhelm the lies with truth. Eventually the truth will become the default setting.

  2. Great video! Thank you!

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