Sunday, February 5, 2012

Police raid, guns drawn, in search of raw milk

This is what it's come to in America under the Obama Regime:

President Obama's Food and Drug Administration warns about the potential adverse effects of so-called "raw milk." Is it legal to sell raw milk? In many cases, according to the FDA, yes. But if you dare sell this terribly dangerous commodity, law enforcement officers may enter your private property, weapons drawn, to enforce these seemingly-obscure Federal regulations.

Obama's heavy-handed, police state tactics are a clear violation of the store owner's private property rights and the Constitutional rights of every employee and patron to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. Most reasonable people would agree that it isn't necessary - or wise - for police to enter a law-abiding, peaceful, place of legal business acting like stormtroopers.

But Obama, who has touted himself as a Constitutional scholar, has never demonstrated much understanding of the document. His respect for the principles it espouses is negligible. And his policies undermine both the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence at every turn.

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